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Here's the thing

The basement was really, really dirty.

Much better now.

I will write something, once a week. Starting with this months old anecdote.

A cold day. I'm sitting in a barcalounger kinda thing. One of the sysmidgets walks by with a blanket draped around him. I scoop him up to keep me warm. Within a few minutes, I have all four boys in my lap. Squirming, elbowing each other, and enjoying each other's company. The dog sees this action, and decides he wants in, so he jumps up. Scrambling to get his footing, he's clawing with his paws, and manages to get a mighty good pull through my t-shirt, snagging a nipple. I let out a howl. The dog, already excited and scared, reacts by starting to hump me. The boys scream, laughing and scattering, as the dog is pulling and humping even harder. I lift him off of me, and get him down to the floor. He gives me a shamed look like I just caught him rubbing one out. Which, of course, I had.

Henceforth, I will don a tunic prior to any rough housing.

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12:50 AM

This will bring you glorious google search phrases.    

11:48 AM

You make me so happy.    

10:34 AM

Now that I'm here to see it, I wish I hadn't.

For the record, the Sysmutt never humped anything while he was here.

It must be you.    

12:15 PM

That's not entirely true, Ubie.    

12:48 PM

I'm so glad I have girls, at the moment.    

5:01 PM

But what does this story have to do with a bear at a picnic table?    

6:48 AM

Pants - lo to the zoophile who comes here. eww.

Tits - right back at you

Ubie - per Miss Kendra, the dog licked her incessantly from the thighs on down. (Gentlemen, collect yourselves)

Nick - don't tell me he licked your platter clean, too.

Dilf -If I remember right, the Uber Dog looked at the Sysmutt and pretty much said, "I'm on top."

Ubie - neither I, nor the dog, had a camera. And if I google search for appropriate images, it may jeopardize any future ambitions of holding elective office.    

9:20 AM

Google search from BA's computer, you'll be fine.    

8:39 AM

My puppy is laughing at you.    

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